Hiring Workers Amidst a Pandemic

At its peak, the coronavirus left no lives untouched. Even those who didn’t battle the virus personally knew individuals who did. The virus altered our present realities in countless ways—from wearing masks to depending on hand sanitizer to getting vaccinated.

The coronavirus pandemic also introduced new challenges to companies, from lack of a solid customer base to complicated hiring freezes. It is here where Aloha Hospitality Professionals (AlohaHP) has stepped up to the call.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic and due to continuous uncertainty, businesses around Hawaii found themselves in a position to rehire and actively did so through freelance avenues or staffing agencies. As a customer-focused, innovative staffing agency, AlohaHP allowed companies to:

  • Adjust adeptly to workload fluctuations
  • Maintain flexible work arrangements
  • Evaluate a worker without commitment
  • Be cost effective (hiring a temp worker is often less costly than a permanent, short-term employee)
  • Save time and money on advertising, interviewing, and on-boarding

Now in our new venture as NxtGen Staffing, we are more excited than ever to share the Aloha Spirit and deploy hundreds of temp workers from diverse educational and professional backgrounds who are ready to work immediately.

If you’re looking for staffing, look no further than NxtGen!